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How Can Airvox Help You?

When it comes to business IT,   Airvox does the hard stuff.

Airvox specialises in designing and deploying secure, efficient network infrastructure which you and your customers can rely on.   And we carefully choose from leading technology brands to maximize the return on your investment.

Whether your company loves Macs or Microsoft, Android or iPads, or a mixture of everything in between, our infrastructure designs work seamlessly with the devices you already have, so that your users can use the best tool for the job.


We know how important reliability is to you. Our solutions use best of breed technologies and cloud services to ensure you have worry-free access to your information wherever and whenever you need it.

As an independent consultancy, we are not tied to any supplier, which we means we are truly batting for you.

Dependability is paramount, and Airvox really delivered

Simon Balderson - CEO, WellsConnected


Whether it's pulling information from a remote database or getting your email over wifi, we all want our data NOW.   Airvox specialises in creating infrastructure solutions that scale out and up, giving you and your users efficient and frustration free access to your apps and data, whether you have a team of dozens or thousands, in one location, or spread around the globe.

Airvox showed us fast reliable wifi doesn't have to cost the earth

Katherine Florence - Prioris


We architect solutions that won't break the bank, by choosing each piece of the complex technology jigsaw puzzle thoughtfully and with expert knowledge of each part of the system.

You are not tied into to any one provider, which puts you in the drivers seat.

Airvox are a breath of fresh air!

Jean Michel CFO

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